Female Owned and Operated Multi-State Licensed Private Investigations Firm

Expert in dissecting discovery, creating timelines, witness interviews, and uncovering evidence. 

Southern California: San Diego County, Los Angeles County, Orange County, Riverside County, Imperial County

Arizona: Phoenix, Tucson

Washington: Seattle, Tacoma

If It Exists, We’ll Find It.

Persistent seekers, probers, and finders.  We leave no stone unturned.   

More than 25 years of experience conducting and managing private investigations for attorney litigation, businesses and individuals.    

Investigative experience encompasses Criminal Defense, Post-Conviction/Habeas Corpus, Uncovering New Material Evidence, Appeals, Gang Crimes, Illegal Wiretaps, Witness Locates, Interviews

and Statements.

Background Investigations, Internet and Social Media Investigations, Surveillance, Undercover Investigations, Records Search.


Habeas Corpus / Post Conviction Investigator

Habeas Corpus Investigator / Post-Conviction Investigator skilled at turning up new material evidence, and conducting witness interviews to aid post conviction attorneys.

When you are fighting for your freedom, or your life, “material new evidence” is mandatory to get back in court.

Interviewing Attorneys to uncover Ineffective Assistance of Counsel (IAC) evidence. Thorough investigation of trial records and discovery to uncover grounds for appeal or habeas corpus petitions. 

From criminal defense to domestic investigations – tenacity gets the job done.