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Female Private Investigator Provides Peace of Mind

  • Surveillance 
  • Criminal Defense
  • Gang Related Defense
  • Social Media Investigations
  •  Background Investigations   
  • Cheating Spouse / Partner
  • Habeas Corpus / Post-Conviction
  • Witness Locates / Statements
  • Child Custody
  • Asset Locates
  • Workers' Compensation / Sub Rosa
  • AOE / COE Investigations
  • Insurance Fraud
  • SIU
  • Executive Protection   
  • Personal Injury  
  • Attorney Litigation Investigations  
  • Competitive Intelligence 
  • Service of Process 

If It Exists, We'll Find It.

Persistent seeker, prober, and finder.  We leave no stone unturned.   

More than 25 years of experience conducting and managing private investigations for attorney litigation, businesses and individuals.    

Investigative experience encompasses: Attorney legal research; criminal defense, and litigation investigations; corporate intelligence; ground / vehicle surveillance; electronic surveillance; evidence gathering; insurance fraud; locating estranged family members; gang related defense and white collar crime.  

Expert in Criminal Defense Investigations and Open Source Intelligence Techniques (OSINT) / Social Media Research and Investigations.      

Cracking The Case

Multi-State Licensed Private Investigations Firm

Serving Southern California & Arizona

 From Criminal Defense to Domestic Investigations - tenacity gets the job done. 

Get the answers you need - FAST.

Effective Witness Interviewer - builds trust, gets RESULTS.

25+ years in Criminal Defense, Legal Research, and turning up NEW EVIDENCE. 

Illegal Wiretap Expert

 Habeas Corpus / Post-Conviction 

Gang Related Defense

Skillful and creative in effectuating difficult Services of Process     

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